Knowledge is Power
Your name is TARSYS EUCLID and WOW, you NEVER FUCKING SHUT UP. Since the tender age of 5 SWEEPS, following a TERRIBLE ACCIDENT which involved your LUSUS, you’ve been COMPLETELY DETERMINED to find the ANSWER to every RIDDLE, QUESTION, or other PERPLEXITY you can find.

Hi I'm Zesty and I fantroll and sometimes do an art please don't yell at me.This blog can get NSFW, AND I DO REBLOG GORE!! My fantrolls are giant weenies have a nice day goodbye.






"youre not allowed to talk to____ anymore!"

haHAwaHT The fuck kinda shitbaby attitudE

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hi im a little delirious rn good morning

i have this awful fucking headache thats going all down my neck and its making it hard to sleep ugh..

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I was looking through your blog and saw the cute ghosts post and just imagine like 18th century inventor ghosts who died young just looking so happy and stuff as they look through all your old stuff, like gameboys and SNES' because they just love to watch how far we can go in a just a decade or so

i wanna play video games with ghosts

you cn tell im upset bc ive been watching cupcake wars

protip if someone offers to make you something really nice for free and theyre pouring a ton of fucking effort into it dont bitch and complain the whole time

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